The Purpose of Immigration Advertising

For those who are from outside the United States, to become a legal citizen, they must obtain their green card. However, sometimes these people are allowed to work within the country even before getting a green card through the Program Electronic Review Management or PERM program.

immigration advertising

How do these employers find the best employees for the job? They work with a company that specializes in PERM advertising.

What Is PERM Advertising?

Ads are everywhere, from the Internet to TV to magazines and radio. However, not all ads are the same. PERM advertising is not like the typical ads trying to sell someone something. In fact, PERM ads have very specific rules that must be followed for these to be considered valid. If those rules are not followed, the employer cannot use these ads to find employees.

immigration advertising

What Does This Advertising Entail?

First, the employer should run a few ads at once. The minimum is three, but the employer can run more if they prefer. Some of these have to be run on weekends and others during the week to appeal to the maximum number of viewers. These ads can only be run for a certain amount of time. After that, it’s mandatory the expired ads are removed.

What Kind of Ads Are Best?

immigration advertising

So does the employer have the choice to pick between TV or Internet ads? They do, in a sense, but there are certain places the ads must appear, such as a local newspaper. Other optional places to run the ads are university career centers, radio, journals and professional magazines, job search engine websites, and state job banks.

What Are the Rules Regulating These Ads?

The Department of Labor or DOL oversees the PERM process and ensures employers follow it to the letter. They must receive the ETA Form 9089 from the employer once the ad expires and the employer selects potentially eligible candidates. So what is the ETA Form 9089? This informational document is like a living resume for a potential employee.

immigration advertising

Even after the ads run, the employer must still follow the PERM regulations. They must be willing to see the vast majority of employees who apply to the job unless they are absolutely not a good fit based on their experience. If an employee is turned down, the employer must tell the DOL why specifically. Lastly, the employer must contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS and send them Form I-140 to help the employee obtain their green card.

immigration advertising

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